Nature of Industrial Relations

Concept of Industrial Relations is evolved from various disciplines like social sciences, humanities, behavioral sciences and law etc. features of Industrial Relations involve:

  1. Industrial Relations cannot emerge in vacuum.

    Industrial relations is an outcome of employment relationships in industrial establishments, it requires existence of labour and management as well as government for relationships to exist.
  2. Industrial Relations is characterized by both conflict and co-operation.

    Study of IR targets on attitudes, relationships, practices and procedures developed in order to resolve or minimize conflict.
  3. Industrial Relations create various rules and regulations to maintain peace and harmony in the industry.
  4. There are four main aspects of Industrial Relations.

    a. Labour relations
    b. Employer and employee relations
    c. Union and management relations
    d. Organization and community relations
  5. Industrial Relations include the field of studies like technological, Economical, Social and Political aspects of Industries.
  6. Labour and management cannot operate in isolation as they are part of larger system.